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Introducing our products.


GASEXIT Runner is an insert that discharges gas laterally between the P/L surface and the plate. (Product patented)

This product was developed with the purpose of discharging the gases that flow in advance into the product part .

Given that  it is only a  Φ10~Φ15 machining on pockets and grooves, it is a product that can easily be used as a gases venting measure for existing dies.


It can be installed easily by simply replacing the ejector pins currently in use.

By installing it in the cold slug section,as with GASEXIT RUNNER,  you can remove the gases before they flow  into the product section.

Of course, it can also be installed in the product part, so you can easily take measures to vent gases even from the product part.


It can be easily  installed  by simply replacing it with the sprue bush currently in use.。

By providing a puddle in the end part of the  sprue, it is possible to significantly improve the gas venting effect.

A sprue lock bush type is also available,   it can be also installed on the cold slug side.


Please consider this option  when you cannot install GASEXIT in the runner section and cold slug section or you want to improve if further.

Since it can be manufactured according to the insert shape of each product, it is possible to vent gases in a wide range.。

3D curved and seamless gases venting inserts can be manufactured.