GASEXIT CUSTOM is an insert  that discharges gases  from the product side.

We recommend this  when the gas problem cannot be solved even with the GASEXIT RUNNER/GASEXIT EP.

Since each product can be manufactured according to the insert shape, gases can be released from 3D curved surface, seamless in a wide range .

We will visit the customer and listen to the content of the problem, and we will propose as well design it all, so there is no need for troublesome considerations on the customer side.


※We can manufacture up to 200mmx200mmx200mm size.


Even if the flow of resin changes, it is possible to reliabily discharge gases!

A normal degassing inserter degasses from the part line, but if the flow changes even a little, the position of the final filling part and others, will shift and it will be almost impossible to degas.

Since the GASEXIT CUSTOM can set up a gas venting area over a wide area, gases can be vented without worrying about slight flow changes.

No worries about uneven transfer to the cabity side

If you provide us with information on the defects content  in molded products and mold data, we will take comand for everything from proposals to design as well as the GASEXIT CUSTOM production.


We will take comand  from proposal to mold modification

When the mold side is a mirror surface or a textured surface, unevenness may occur due to transfer on the core side, but the GASEXIT CUSTOM does not causes such unevenness.

Even if the customer cannot modify the mold to the GASEXIT CUSTOM insert , we can also modify the mold.

1-Example of a real usage of  GASEXIT CUSTOM

I want  to improve the uneven coating during painting

Singapore T Company


Gas haze is generated near the final filling part, and when painting is done, uneven coating occurs near the gas haze.



2 GASEXIT CUSTOM were installed on the core side of the product section (near the final filling section)


The number of painting defects  decreased dramatically

2-Example of a real usage of  GASEXIT CUSTOM

They wanted to improve the gas burn defect at the dead end

Indonesia I Company 


Gas burns that occur at the dead end of the shaft could not  be improved



Exchanged to the GASEXIT CUSTOM which was manufactured according to the shaft tip shape (3D shape)


Gas haze defect desappeared

Would you like to try it?

Therefore, our product GAS EXIT CUSTOM can reduce molding defects caused by gases and extend the mold maintenance cycle.
If you are interested in the GASEXIT CUSTOM product, please feel  free to iquire or contact us.