GASEXIT BUSH is a sprue bush / sprue lock bush that discharges gases from the sprue end part. 【Patent pending】

Isn't there  a large amount of gas tar stuck to the sprue bush during mold maintenance?

This is because the gas accumulated in the nozzle is exhausted outside the mold from the gap between the bushes.

However, the gas tar will stick to the gap between the bushes after production has been done for a  while, causing the gas to flow into the product surface, generating product defects.

GASEXIT BUSH is a product that can most efficiently discharge the gases accumulated in such nozzles.


The gases removal effect improves  when used in combination with GASEXIT EP

Even if the GASEXIT EP is installed at the cold slug, if the size is small, the gases flowing from the nozzle may not be able to be exhausted sufficiently with the GASEXIT EP alone.

However, by using GASEXIT BUSH together, even if the cold slug size is small, the gases can be discharged from the surface where the runner and bush contact, so it is possible to increase the Mold Venting volume.



Expanding the gas discharge surface by adding a puddle!

By reducing the length about 1 mm shorter than the existing bush, the sprue end is provided with a puddle.

Since it is possible to discharge the gases from the puddle side as well, the amount of discharge will be significantly increased.

(Roughly 6 times more ratio with the  GAS EXIT EP)




Available in the same standard dimensions as existing bushes

Since we will manufacture the product with the same size as the bush size that is currently in use, The customer does not have to  modify anything, just replace it with the GASEXIT BUSH and you can immediately apply gassing countermeasures.

※Non-standard products can be manufactured if you specify us the dimensions.

Compatible with standard products of each company

Example of a real usage of the  GASEXIT BUSH

I want to solve a  gas burn defect  in a part in which an insert  cannot be used.

Osaka Prefecture K Company

Runner channel addition type


 60% of gas burn defects occur in the final filling part



 Exchange sprue bush for the GASEXIT SPRUE BUSH


 Gas burn defect became 0%

Would you like to try it?

Therefore, our product GASEXIT BUSH can reduce molding defects caused by gases and extend the mold maintenance cycle.

If you are interested in GASEXIT BUSH, please feel free to iquire or contact us.