GASEXIT EP is an ejector pin that discharges gas from the realesing part of the ejector pin hole  normally machined.
It is a product that can be easily used as a Mold Venting measure because it only has to be replaced in stead of  the existing ejector pin.

It can also be installed on the cold slug part where injection pressure is high.

GASEXIT EP features

Mold Venting volume increases more than  4 times!

Since the gap on the outer circumference of a normal ejector pin is about 0.01 mm, almost no gas can be released.

Simply replace   the existing ejector pin with the GASEXIT EP and the gas will escape from the ejector pin realese part.

The area from which gases escape  is more than 4 times higher than that of a normal ejector pin.

Polishing finish is also available

Normaly it is a EDM finishing

However, it is also possible to change to a polishing finish type for areas where the surface finish is a concern.

We can handle from precision molds to large molds

We have a minimum size of Φ2 and a maximum size of Φ16.

There are two types of steel, SKD61 + nitriding treatment and SKH51.

It is also possible to add machining to prevent brim rotation as well as  tap machining.

Lock type for holding the runner can also be manufactured

When using the GASEXIT EP for the ejector pin that currently holds the runner using the Z pin, we recommend the cylindrical lock type.

※Z pin can also be manufactured, but the gas discharge surface will be  reduced



Example of a real usage of GASEXIT EP

I want   to improve the gas burn in the air trap part and the final filling part.

Thailand K Company 


・A divided insert can not be used in the location where the air trap occurs  so gas burn countermeasures cannot be taken.

・A normal gas vent has been machined at the final filling part, but that alone does not improve the  gas burn defect.



 7 GAS EXIT EPs were installed on the core side of the product side


 As a result of installing 3 GASEXIT EPs for the first time, the gas burn defect  did not completely disappear, but after installing seven, the gas burn disappeared completely.

 The GAS EXIT is a product that is more effective as the number of its  installations increases.

Would you like to try it?

Therefore, our product GASEXIT EP can reduce molding defects caused by gases and extend the mold maintenance cycle.
If you are interested in GASEXIT EP product, please feel free to iquire or contact us.