Gas venting parts
made of fine through porous material

Solutions for molding defects

If you are looking for a MOLD VENTING INSERT
Molding defects countermeasure parts GASEXIT

  • I want to solve molding defects caused by gases
  • I want a solution that does not clog the vent holes
  • I want to extend the mold maintenance cycle and the number of durable shots

Don't  you have this kind of  worries? By all means, please consider the GASEXIT products, which are   molding defect countermeasure components.

Mold Venting parts made of fine through-hole porous material in order to solve molding defects.
The resin does not flow easily, and it has an optimal balance as a ventilation hole for passing gases.

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Product information

Our Mold Venting parts are made of a fine through-hole porous material, so it has an optimal balance as a "hard to flow resin and allowing gases to pass through" vent hole.

Due to it's effect, it is possible to improve molding defects  (burn, clouding, Sliver streak, weld line, short shot, shrinkage, warpage, flash, etc.) caused by gases.

It also extends the mold maintenance cycle and improves the mold shot durability.

Since gases accumulated in the nozzle of the molding machine flowing into the product  is the cause of defects, we have a lineup of products that prevent the gases from flowing into the product.

In addition to general-purpose resins, it can also be used for easily flow-able resins such as PBT (GF), PPS (GF), PA (GF).


It can be easily installed by pocketing the existing mold.

By installing it at the end of the runner, it is possible to discharge 15 to 20 times more gases than any other ordinary gas vent grooves.。

【Patent No. 6664721】


It can be installed easily by simply replacing the ejector pin that is  currently in use.

Gases from the  cold slug part and the product surface can be removed  more than 4 times compared to  a normal ejector pin  .


It can be easily  installed  by simply replacing it with the sprue bush currently in use.

By providing a puddle in the end part of the  sprue, it is possible to significantly improve the gas venting effect.

【Patent pending】


Since it is manufactured according to the insert shape of each product, it is possible to vent gas in a wide range.

We will provide a proposal/design after visiting the customer and listening to their troublesome issues.

The video on the right shows a state where air is being blown from the exhaust hole side and a thinner is being applied to the GAS EXIT surface.

At the time of actual molding, gas is discharged from the GAS EXIT surface (the surface through which the resin passes = the surface from which the bubbles in the movie appear) to the exhaust hole side.

It has a fine through-hole structure that does not allow thinner to penetrate.

This  way, GASEXIT is capable of passing a large amount of gases,  with  a fine through-hole structure that does not allow thinner to penetrate, Since it has a structure that does not easily cause clogging due to resin flow during injection, it is effective as a Mold Venting measure during molding.

Reasons for choosing us

Difficult to clog
Through vent structure implementation

The pore size is Φ0.02 to Φ0.08 (pore pitch 0.2 mm), and it is very difficult for resin to flow into it  because of it being  a fine through hole that does not allow thinner to penetrate.

Patent No. 6703689】

Moreover, since the gases can be exhausted almost completely, the optimum balance as a Mold Venting material for injection molding can be achieved.

Metal 3D printer technology utilization

Since it is manufactured with a metallic 3D printer, it is possible to manufacture Mold Venting inserts of various shapes.

The surface hardness of the Mold Venting part is HRC44 after quenching, so it has excellent wear resistance.

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